Below is a selection of Violeta's poems published in lit. journals. If you are looking for her full-length book, click here.



“Incomplete Abecedarian of Autumn Equinox with Body,” Psaltery & Lyre (April 8, 2024).

”Midwinter,” The Dodge (forthcoming April 2024).

“Hiking Moraine State Park” The Dodge (forthcoming April 2024).

”The Poet Considers a Starling,” The Dodge (forthcoming April 2024).



"Ode to Fog," Stirring: A Literary Collection, Vol. 25, Winter 2023.

"Long into Your Drive, the Sunrise Briefly Casts a Goldspell," Stirring: A Literary Collection, Vol. 25, Winter 2023.

"Spring Walk in Which We Mark Our Years Together," River Heron Review, Issue 6.1. 

"Fall Walk in Which Not Everything is Terrible," Bracken, Issue X. 

"Ode to Unmown Grass," Bracken, Issue X.

"Anthropocene Aubade," Birdcoat, Issue 13.

"Ecopoem with Comparatives," Birdcoat, Issue 13. 

"Carrion Moon," Voices from the Attic, Vol. XXVIII.

"Poem Wherein a Past Self is Released," Voices from the Attic, Vol. XXVIII.

"Naming Absence," RHINO, 2023.




"A Skeptic's Guide to Birdwatching," The Worcester Review (Volume 43, Winter 2022).

"Diagnostic Echocardiogram," Harbor Review, Issue 9. 

"Instructions for the Stay-at-Home Poet," Rogue Agent (Issue 89, August 2022). (*Pushcart nominated*)

"Late Anthropocene Love Poem With Window Clings," Psaltery & Lyre (August 12, 2022). (*Pushcart nominated*)

"Parable of the Swallows," Moist Poetry (June 16, 2022).

"Word Problem with Too Many Variables," SWWIM (June 10, 2022).

"The Patient Copes by Wilding Her Type 1 Diabetes," Stoneboat (Spring 12.1, 2022). (*Pushcart nominated*)

"Nocturne," Kithe (Volume 3, Spring/Summer 2022).

"Insomnia," Faultline Journal of Arts & Letters, Issue 31.

"Praise Song for Adverse Noise Conditions," Saint Katherine Review, April 18, 2022.

"Incomplete Abecedarian at the End of the Once World," The Dodge, April 11, 2022.

"Deathbed Phenomena," The Dodge, April 11, 2022. (*nominated for Best of the Net and Pushcart*)

"Advice for a Frog," Acropolis Journal, March 2022. (*nominated for Best of the Net*)

"During the Pandemic, My Son Plays Minecraft," West Trestle Review, March 2022. 

"Decades Later, You Misremember Wildflowers," Saint Katherine Review, February 14, 2022.

(Three haiku), Narrative Northeast, Haiku Corner 9, February 2022.

"Seasonal Affective Disorder," The Dewdrop, January 9, 2022. 




"Walking Through the Museum, I Write a Letter to My Father," Peatsmoke, Fall 2021.

"Talking With My Children About the Afterlife," Peatsmoke, Fall 2021. (*Pushcart nominated*)





"Anna, Arranged" (after James Whistler’s “Arrangement in Grey and Black, No. 1”), The Ekphrastic Review, December 12 2020.