Violeta Garcia-Mendoza Photography | About

Hi, I'm Violeta! 


I'm obsessed with and inspired by the luminous imagery of nature, and by the ways we encounter and interact with it from childhood on up. Sometimes it's wilder or more obvious than others, but I believe nature can be found everywhere and that it matters. I'm also constantly inspired by art, architecture, place, food, and color. My favorite subject matter falls under the genres of nature photography, food photography, architectural and interior photography, and fine art photography.  Some of it is shown here; the rest is available upon request. 


In life and in photography, I have a definite soft spot for nostalgia. Though I learned digitally, I shoot mostly on 35mm film cameras now. I am more than happy to forsake Photoshop in favor of true colors, organic grain, swirly bokeh, and that composed-in-camera, decisive-moment-magic of film. 


I take photos primarily for myself but I love when my images connect with others. Thanks for visiting my website!