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Bird Silhouettes by Maya Killmeyer

Advance Praise:

"Violeta Garcia-Mendoza’s Songs for the Land-Bound is lush and painterly, “lit with grief and wonder”—a pentimento of personal, national, and global catastrophes. Still, “[l]et’s not devote ourselves to devastation,” Garcia-Mendoza urges. In her hands, “each vagrant bird’s a herald”; each load of laundry, each internet search, each television show, each ER visit, each walk and hike and drive, each domestic conversation becomes an opportunity for care, and, therefore, for poetry of the best kind. After all, Garcia-Mendoza reminds us, “love isn’t the cathedral but the building of it.” The result of such devotion is poems that are musical and rhythmic, deftly attuned to form and structure; they are simultaneously gorgeous, unforgettable, and deeply right. They are poems that attest to the best, most tenacious, most hopeful parts of us. “Even when no seed is guaranteed survival,” she writes, “we must rewild the world yet.” Songs for the Land-Bound is a book to love, to share, to return to again and again. "

- Claire Wahmanholm, author of Meltwater ​​​​​​



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