Hi, I'm Violeta!


If you're at this page, you probably want to hear something about who I am, what I shoot, and why, so here goes:


* I am a homeschooling mom of three, a wife, and a photographer. 


* I am obsessed with and inspired by the luminous imagery of nature, and by the ways we encounter and interact with it from childhood on up. Sometimes it's wilder than others, but I believe nature- in habitat, in growth, and in Creation- is everywhere and that it matters.


* I take photos primarily for myself but I love when my images connect with others.


* A photo works for me when it evokes wonder; when it opens a small window that makes you keep wanting to look out of it. 


* I am a sucker for nostalgia. Though I learned photography digitally, I shoot mostly on 35mm film cameras now. I am happy to forsake Photoshop in favor of those true colors, and that organic grain, and swirly bokeh, and composed-in-camera, decisive-moment-magic film gives me. Also, I like that shooting film forces me to slow down and print my photos.


Thanks for visiting my website!